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September first marked the first year anniversary of moving into a new location in the heart of San Francisco's Mission District. 931 Treat is a 1400 square-foot facility where we are now set up for etching, photogravure, silkscreen, and letterpress.

2012 saw the publication of Sandow Birk's Monument to the Constitution, (pictured above, in progress), a major direct gravure etching in nine panels on handmade Japanese paper.

Workshops and exhibitions will be coming soon.

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Monday, August 30, 2010

Work In(g) Studio @Paia Tattoo Gallery, Maui, August 2010


Traditional American tattoo parlors are fascinating places where artists work and mingle with the public in an atmosphere of creative frenetic energy in private and semi-private cubicles, with loud music and activity going on at all hours. Tattoo artists hold a unique position in our culture as one of the only groups of contemporary artists who work under the public eye in studios that get a lot of traffic. The tattoo studio can be seen as an ongoing living performance piece where tradition, art, therapy, psychology, fashion, medicine and commerce mingle.

Inspired by that idea, this exhibition consisted of my 10’x15’ studio being moved to Paia Tattoo Parlor for the duration of the exhibition, while I will worked new projects involving woodcut printing, photography, and other media. Working tables, portable walls, print drying boards, computer, art, books, desk, chairs, and all the ephemera associated with the working studio was set up, creating a four-week installation/performance/exhibition of new and ongoing works in progress.

All work was created during the four weeks of the exhibition, therefore the traditional exhibition opening will was made superfluous—and we had an exhibition closing, Saturday, August 21, when the public was invited to come and see what went on for four weeks.
There were Sunday night Salon Nights and Tuesday night life drawing gatherings, and generally there was a lot of dialogue back and forth between artists of all types, with myself and the artists in the studio: Billy, Circle, Justin Nate and Tania, all riffing off of things contemporary, trad, American and Japanese. I cranked out a big Hanya to go with that tattoo on my arm and an oni that I also tattooed on Justin--an image I have been using for years.

I'm honored and thrilled to have been able to work with the gang at Paia Tattoo Parlor and I am hoping this leads to many more collaborative efforts in the future.

--Paul Mullowney
Sept 2010
Portland, OR