New Studio at 931 Treat Avenue

September first marked the first year anniversary of moving into a new location in the heart of San Francisco's Mission District. 931 Treat is a 1400 square-foot facility where we are now set up for etching, photogravure, silkscreen, and letterpress.

2012 saw the publication of Sandow Birk's Monument to the Constitution, (pictured above, in progress), a major direct gravure etching in nine panels on handmade Japanese paper.

Workshops and exhibitions will be coming soon.

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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Fist Study of (A)TOPIA for Submit Magazine

Two photogravure copper plates are being made of 15 images each which will both be printed 17 times for a total of 510 prints for this semester's Submit Magazine at PNCA. (The numbers are significant--15 is the number of stones at Ryoanji; 17 syllables in a haiku.)

The theme for the issue is Utopia. Taking this idea, I have used as a title Helmut Willke's word to describe a society without boundaries. Thinking of the total loss of global boundaries in an accelerated life that the internet brings, I am focused on how the Japanese catastrophe has impacted all of humanity, and is already yesterday's news in the normal cycle of things.

I am using found images from Japanese family photo albums to create a series of images to be printed over and over again, with the plates being distressed and destroyed as the process goes along. The result will be 510 unique images--all different in the way they have degenerated into nothingness--like the Japanese word zanzo, which describes a parting glance of something lost.

Each 4x5 inch image will be tipped into the magazine in a clear envelope with colophon. This is a video of the first phase in the process.